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Eternal freedom-Short story — November 6, 2015

Eternal freedom-Short story

The first light of the dawn from the east pierced through the dark clouds, the breezes from the distant lands makes the day even merrier. The tiny abandoned leaf drifting upon the air, he strode away merrily with the flowing stream. He waited for this moment from a long time, several times did he envisaged this but the real experience was none like anything. The years of standing still in one place seems like a trivial thing now, the infinite green lands filled the leaf with curiosity. He was accompanied with several other leaves, most of them are strangers which he never even saw once. Though they belonged to the same tree.

The leaf spent its whole life under the protection of the enormous tree, observing and fantasizing the world from its shadow. Every day the leaf craved to go out and desired to feel the mysterious world more intimately, but the tree won’t allow it. This is not the right time, you’re not ready – the tree says. Leaf couldn’t say no to the tree, for he is without courage. So he waited for the time to come, not like he had any choice with it. He heard many stories about the day when any leaf was free to go anywhere in the world and see everything. He wondered what it will be like to wander freely in the enigmatic and uncanny world, to make his own choices, for he had never made one. He profoundly fascinated by that and his excitement increased day by day.

Finally the day has come for the leaf and several of his friends. They got parted with the tree and soared high in the air and a heavy stream of air find them. Friends, which they lived all their lives together, swayed together, but at the end everyone is for himself, every leaf swayed they journeyed individually. This notion made the leaf feel scared but in whim it collected all its courage and continued the journey. The journey will not be long they say, but not without hardstones. The leaf saw that some leaves are already falling, they failed to reach their destination. Don’t ever leave the stream, if you leave you will fall- the warnings of the tree seems to chime once again. once they fall it is very hard to get up, leaf knows that. So it took its turns carefully with a profound confidence that it’s not going to fall.

The journey continued for several days, many leaves failed in the middle and some gone out of the stream accidentally, the remaining ones felt anxious to reach their destination. Leaf was elated with excitement hearing that their journey will soon come to an end. The wind was blowing hard and fast, with increased speed. Finally the time has come, with the help of warm yellowish evening light the enormous tree materialized standing proud and adamant like a mountain, spread across its wide branches over the grass fields, its shadow seems to cover half the earth. Everyone was greatly astonished upon the long awaited sighted, except one. It’s another tree, the notion made the leaf downhearted, it was silent and contemplating. His friends asked why, but he cannot answer, because he himself don’t have any answer, for all he knows he should be happy now., all his life he waited for this moment, he dreamt it every day but now all his excitement seems fading away. He cannot believe that all his life he waited for this moment. The leaf asked his friends, Is this all it is? Is this the moment we’ve waited? From one tree to another bigger one, never to be free again. Never see the world closely except from the shadows?  They became silent, the leafs words baffled all others.

But isn’t it we are supposed to do? One of his friends asked. Why? The leaf questioned. Because everyone does so. All our ancestors are doing this the same way. All his friends are now seeing him like he’s mad. The leaf was not contented with the answer, something keeps telling him that’s it’s not his destiny, something great waiting for him on the distant grass fields where there is no shadow. The leaf knows what to do, he had to get out of this path but that notion seems dangerous and bought fear. Once you got out from here there will be no one that’s gonna accompany you, no protection, you even don’t know what’s in there, you’re gonna fall for sure. Fear got words and started to talk to him. You’re not gonna fall, even if you fall you can get up again. Courage got less words than fear but it is giving a strong adamant assurance that everything will be okay.

Leaf was diving in a dilemma as the destination was getting closer. All his friends were pleading him not to go out. But he knew that if not now then never he can do this. He will be forever trapped under the dependent protection and the atrocious shadow of the tree. He jumped out of the stream without meditating a second thought. He just followed the light of the heart never fearing the hardstones and the failures he may face.

The mysterious new world was breathtaking and wondrously vast, he wondered whether it has any end. To his surprise there are many streams of billows, guiding leaves to different locations. All his life they made us believe that there is only destination and will never have any luxury to have choices, but now for the first time in his life the leaf felt what it was like to have choices, so many ways, versatile paths, countless destinations. For the first time in his life the leaf felt truly alive.