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Journey of a soul-Short story — September 17, 2015

Journey of a soul-Short story

I don’t feel like I’m dead, in fact I don’t feel anything. The pain in my head a few seconds ago has been vanished, the confusion around me is been settled. Suddenly the world is clear and static, clear has it never been.

I’m in the middle of the road where it happened, my body lay motionless on the side of the road, its eyes are red and there’s blood dripping from its nose. I recognize my face instantly which I saw frequently in my reflections and photos. But still I don’t feel like I’m dead, it only feels like I lost something, some important part of me. I stare at my face for a long time, at least it felt long. And then I sense someone’s coming, but there very far away from my body, but I can see them clearly, I can hear their words and I can hear their thoughts too. It’s like I’m everywhere and also nowhere. After sometime they surround my body, they frantically did something to it, pushing my chest downward hard, keeping their ear near it with a hope of hearing a heartbeat, and again pushing. It went for a while they give up, covers its face with white cloth. Some of them felt sad, some of them scolded god for doing this.

I left the place which I don’t feel any need to be anymore. I start wandering, I go high into the obscure space, and I see the planets, stars, and galaxies. There was a time that I watched them for hours and hoped to reach them, but I don’t care anymore, I have to do something more important. I have to find something. The universe is a dark place with some occasional lights, I travel for a long time searching for something which I’m not sure what it is. Eventually I started feeling sad and alone, I don’t know where to go or what to do. The vast emptiness of the space starts to fill me in, I travel as far as I could, stars and galaxies aren’t enough to replace my emptiness. After a while I get enlighten with the fact that the universe has no end at all, I feel like a dog chasing its own tail. No matter how much distance you travel you will see no end, the universe is like a fast growing balloon, no matter how fast you travel it still beats you and is reluctant to show its end. I wonder when it’s going to blast.

I can’t take this solitary anymore, I still didn’t know what I am searching for, but I decide to return to my home, the only place that is alive, like me. I returns to earth and finds the beautiful green earth, half glowing with the sun’s eternal light. I find fascinating that People talking to each other, sharing their ideas, views and feelings. They enjoy being with each other, they love and kill each other, they care and ignore each other, but at the end they are always together. I feel rejoice to see them again, to hear their thoughts, they are so intriguing. I still wander desperately searching for something that may not exist at all. I try talking to them and the words get stuck on me, I talked before, a long time ago but now it seems impossible it’s like don’t know how to talk. I feel alone more than ever, I want to talk, I want to share my feelings, but I know I can’t. How come I don’t have anyone to talk, to love, to take care of, it’s not fair. I enter into a vast greenish forest, the life in forest is different. The little birds are playing a beautiful song, the animals are moving hastily with no other intention than to fill their bellies. I see a beautiful flower there, it has five petals with light yellow color with dark-red centre, it fascinates me. The petals are so delicate and sensitive. I stare at it, the desire to touch it, to feel it, starts filling me in, but it’s an impossible task for me, it’s like I lack something very important to accomplish it. I stumble away from there disappointedly, I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what I can do either, I want to cry but I can’t, the feeling of emptiness starts subjugating me.

I waited for a long time for some miracle to happen, for someone to come and save me from this agony. But nothing happen, I stay where I am and the world is moving without me like I am not part of it anymore. I feel isolated, rejected and trivial in this world. Then I realize what I’m searching for, I am searching a way communicate with the world, I want to be a part of the world, to move with it, to live again, to love and be loved. But how? How can I be like them, they have a perfect system to do everything, they have senses to feel, vocal cord which vibrates medium around them to pass information, what I have is nothing. Suddenly I find myself stumbling towards my body, where I have last seen it. The place is empty leaving no clue about my body, I wonder where they have taken it. I start searching for it, first time feeling delight to be aware of what I am searching. I find that my body has been disintegrated long time ago, I get disappoint, but I knew something now, I have to get some system to communicate with the world, some system which is capable of vibrating the air to create sound and with senses which detects the external information, with arms and legs that helps to survive, system with a mind that controls all the actions and stores information. There are a lot of bodies being created and equally being destroyed in the world, every species has its own advantages and disadvantages, but I knew better than to take any other body other than human, may be others like me didn’t know that, we can’t really blame them for that, the temptation is too great to wait for a better system like human, some will choose to take any body available just to elude this solitude. But human body has the greatest capability than any other in the world to express views, to share knowledge, to gain control.

At last I find it, the solution for my problems, the end of my solitude, the goal of my life. I can see that my friends are eagerly waiting for me. I’m so excited, to see myself once more in the mirror, to feel the smoothness of the flower petals, to talk to someone, to love and to be loved.

The Blissful waiting — August 17, 2015

The Blissful waiting

Once upon a time there lived a tree, which is as old as the creation. He stands eminently on the bank of the river. There is not even a single tree as tall as him to challenge his undeniable dominance. His enormous branches covers the earth like mountain on the lord’s finger. He lived his entire life watching the small river flowing merrily by its side towards horizon where the earth meets the sky. He never got bored by the occasional greetings of the cool breeze and always returned his gratitude by swaying the leaves. The day and night is always the same for the tree and the seasons pass through him without getting his attention, time is always static, at least until one day.

That day a small bird with light brown feathers visited the tree rapidly flapping its tiny wings. It rested on its branch. The tree carefully observed the bird. The bird started to scrutinize the tree like its measuring its worth or mettle. It started to fly around the tree examining each and every branch of it. The tree started to feel shy and a little tense. After several minutes of scrutiny the little bird flew away.
The next day the bird returned with the light of the dawn at its back, it is laboriously carrying some sticks on its beak. The tree is observing the bird with a mysterious interest. The bird placed the sticks on the inner branch which is completely covered with leaves and almost invisible to the outer world. The tree was quite baffled with what it was doing. The same ritual continued for days, slowly the pile of sticks started to get a shape. The bird is piling them and was meticulously sewing them with tiny threads, he was amazed by the skill of the bird. After a long while with a substantial amount of labor it was completed and there is an oval shaped nest hanging on the branch. But still the bird doesn’t seems to be satisfied, it started to bring some threads and colorful flowers to decorate its home.
He never seen such a beautiful thing in his life, the nest was exquisitely garnished with utmost care and precision. From that day it became the home for that bird and for the tree that particular day opened a new door to a whole new world. Every day started with the pleasant music of the bird. The tree enjoyed the music and swayed its leaves according to it. The bird spent most of its time revolving around the tree exploring each and every branch of it, the tree got intrigued by its serious endeavors. Of all the fascinating things of the bird the tree got allured by the way it soared, it fly around the tree merrily, swirling expertly around in the air like it was a part of it. Sometimes it bought its friends to the nest and is very proud when they showed amazement for its nest.
Time seemed to flow very quickly for the tree, the bird has become a part of its life, may be the best part of his life. When the bird is near, he spent time watching it, and when it’s far away from him he uses the time to reminisce the wonderful moments it spent watching the bird. Life became soo beautifully normal for the tree and it seemed to enjoy it profoundly.
Softly the rainy season started to subjugate the climate and the smell of wet mud starting to fill the air. The dark clouds made sky their permanent home. The rains grew violent day by day, the next rain is always fiercer than the previous. The tree sensed that the bird seldom came outside from its nest and comes only for the food. It’s been a long time since the tree heard the bird’s sweet voice. The nights became worse with the aggressive winds that accompanying the rain, these are hard times for little creatures like the bird, he began to worry about it.
But he is now experiencing the strange comfort of the silence of the loved ones. But he doesn’t know that their absence can be worse than any hell. One night is all that took to teach that to the tree. The night cannot be any worse, the sky unraveled its wraith with monstrous roars on the pitiful earth, no creature dared to come from their burrows and nests. The tree got fret about the bird and its safety for it had not returned to the home yet. The night deteriorating constantly and the cold winds destroying everything in its path. The tree never got scared in its life but this day that unwelcomed stranger visited him slowly.
The next day started with the soft sound from the wings of the bird. The tree was anxious and apprehensive to show its face to the bird. He failed, he terribly failed the bird, and there is nothing in this world that can offer redemption for him. He failed the trust of the bird which had kept on him, how can he face the bird now? The bird returned to the tree only to find the empty space that once its home located. It landed on branch and hooped its way towards the void and scrutinized it for a while. It rotated around the tree for a long time and returned the way it came and never turned back.
The tree waited for the bird to return with the sticks to rebuild a new home like it did before but only the empty wandering breeze greeted him. The days passed by lazily without the beautiful songs of the bird and the sweet noises it made with its friends.
Every day the tree watches the early sunrise while its golden rays falling on him, deep in the heart he hoped every day that the bird would return but it never did, not yet. The tree never will give up of the waiting because he knows that after every rainy season there will be a summer. He will hopefully and blissfully wait for the summer because for he now has a reason to live.

Short story-His little friend — July 28, 2015

Short story-His little friend


                            The night was flooded with heavy rain with the giant dark clouds covering the                               earth like a huge blanket, the freezing vile winds rushing here and there, and the  occasional thunders making the night more precarious. The streets were deserted  of life and filled with the corpses of the pitiful animals who are starved to death. It  was almost midnight which it is the time the city sleeps, the darkness started to  creep in to the city as the lights of the houses dying. The night can be considered  as silent if not for the sound of ferociously pelting rain drops on the earth. The boy was standing on the porch drenched completely in rain, slightly quivering  due to cold. He was wearing his brown rain coat and khaki pants, the rain coat  was a gift from his aunt, he wears it whenever there is a rain, and it makes him  feel warm and invincible. He wears his hood to his head to cover his ears from the  cold wind and also from the father’s angry howls and his mother bawling’s. This  was not the first time they are having a fight, it happens almost every day,  sometimes it would be all night which he never be able to sleep. He was too scared to be in the house, they were so loud this time for he got  awake, he got out of the house quietly without them noticing him. He stood there  adamantly pressing his hands to his ears and silently praying for the dreadful  night to end. Even though he covered his ears the sounds never restrained from  piercing into him he hoped for the sounds to stop. His legs started aching so he  sat on the steps and supported himself to the railings, slowly the sleep started to  invite him to its kingdom which he can’t refuse. “WHERE ARE YOU? YOU LITTLE PUNK?” he woke up to his father’s roar, the  sudden awakening left him breathless and scared, he was breathing heavily and  quickly. His father shouted again ten times more louder than the previous. He  heard admonitory rhythmic footsteps approaching the front door and he knows  exactly what happens the moment the door was opened and he dreads it  profoundly. His legs started to move away from the house but his eyes lingering  on the door dreading for it to open it, suddenly there was a huge sound of  something broken inside, maybe it’s the TV in the hall but he was too frightened  to think, he turned around and ran quickly into the street. He imagined a huge  monster with blood filled eyes chasing him, he dares not to look back.
He was totally exhausted which he was running for a while and he can’t run  anymore, so he stopped. He turned back and relieved that no one is following  him. He stood there for a while, resting his hands on his knees trying to catch his  breath, he was slowly recuperating from his trauma, he looked at the sky, the cold  rain drops patted his face coarsely at different spots and one of them got into his  eye, he lowered his head nimbled his eye and for the first time noticed his  surroundings, he found himself in a strange dark place surrounded by lofty walls,  the air here was thick and warm, this place was narrow only enough for two big  persons to pass side by side. He slowly moved forward laboriously. The heat of his  body due to running is subdued and the cold started to conquer him insidiously,  he tightened the jacket to himself and decided to get out of the rain. He started  searching for a dry place. He found one on the left, there is an absence of wall  there, it is a small rectangle area closed on three sides with walls and filled cans of  garbage, the roof was slanted a little which makes it rain proof. He found a small  place enough for him to sit beside a large garbage can, he sat there cuddled to  himself, knees touching his nose, hands tangled around legs keeping all his warm  to himself. He lay there for a while listening to the sound of the rain drops, his belly started  to growl indicating that he is hungry, he searched his pockets for something and  found a half‐eaten chocolate which he saved in the morning. He took it out and  took a bite, he heard some faint squeaking sound coming from his left, the sound  was getting stronger and he knew whatever it is, it is approaching him. The rat  stared firmly at him, he returned that, it moved a little towards him and stopped  to stare at him again. He did the same thing again and again and in no time the rat  was on him, it was climbing him with some ease like a professional mountain  climber. It was tickling him everywhere and his sharp little nails piercing him  through the jacket but he dare not move an inch, afraid that if moved it may get  frightened and leave. The boy got fascinated by the rat, he always loves rats, one  day he asked his mother to get him a rat but received a curt stare.  The rat moved through his right hand towards the chocolate which he was  holding. It was eating the choc like it never ate for one week, the boy holds the  chocolate high so it can eat comfortably. The rat finished his meal and returned  back but the size of the chocolate was merely changed, may be it was more than  enough for its small belly. The rat started exploring his body moving from here to
there, it even got into his rain coat and shirt, he was afraid that it would bite but it  didn’t. He restrained his desire to catch the rat because he knew rat’s they don’t  like to be catched they wanted to be free, so that they can go anywhere they  want, so he let it be free. The rat selected itself a suitable place on his belly and  slept there twisting itself into a round puffy ball, his little tail created a fence  around its body like a security gate. He continued staring his little friend for long  time, envying his bliss. May be its parents are fighting too so it ran from its  burrow. He got sleepy and suddenly his eyelids became so heavy that it became  very hard to hold them any longer, he rested himself on floor careful not to  disturb his friend. Those two little creatures slept there enjoying each other’s  company and warmness. They don’t know the oblations they going to get from  the dawn of the day, the painful fate awaiting for them with its vicious claws, they  don’t have a place to live or any food to eat, but right now these bootless  thoughts not going to ruin their ecstasy, their freedom from all the earthly  trepidations is adamant, they slept like those two doesn’t belong to this world, it  is their moment alone and even the monstrous sky noxious roars can’t fear them  for they have each other, for the first time in his life the boy was not alone.

5 advantages of writing a Diary — July 21, 2015

5 advantages of writing a Diary

Writing a diary has so many advantages, and one of them we got some explicit information about the World War 2 times from the diary of Anne frank and that’s a total different thing. By reading this post you will know the consequences that reflect to you by writing a diary daily.

1.Power of Expressing

You have a lot in you, buried under the deep ocean of your conscious waiting to see the light of the world, but your knowledge and experience about language was not enough and bottlenecks your overall communication with the exterior world.are

By writing a diary you will have a lot pf practice to express yourself, your every emotions like ecstasy, agony and your ideas everything you are accumulated deeply in yourself will come out in the form of words. Just as the protagonist says in the movie EX-machina that the humans knows the language in them from the birth but they have to learn to how how to express them by placing the correct words in an apt manner.

Isn’t all the conflicts in the world starts from the point where we fail to express ourselves effectively?


Many people these days forget most of the things, things which are trivial like brushing his teeth and some important things like picking his girlfriend from her house, that may become dangerous sometimes.

Writing a diary demands you to reminisce everything in a day and that increases your memory drastically, your brain goes into some intense pressure while memorizing less important daily activities and from then on it makes sure to remember every tiny detail according to the Charles darwin’s Evolutionary theory.

3.You will get a friend

Yes, the diary will be your best friend, you will every beautiful and horrible experiences of your life. So whenever you feel lonely and wants to share your feelings it will be there ready to listen everything you say.

4.You knows your wrongs

Today you did the wrong thing, you too know that but the enormous wall of your ego stops you from agreeing to that. You protest everything and everyone that is opposite to you continuously without any self conscious in yourself and after sometime you will believe that you are right and that you did the right thing.

Many of us don’t have the courage to accept his/her mistakes, they don’t even like to think about it because it damages their ego, but when its time to include that in your diary you will have no choice than to think about it and clouds of remorse and regret covers you which leads to redemption and self realization which you will never repeat it again.

5. You will develop your language

Obviously your language will get better. The more you write the more you learn.

Teaching Children How to Think Instead of What to Think — July 20, 2015
Does soul exist? — July 18, 2015

Does soul exist?

This is the question pondering through generations, but we’re not even a single step closure to the revelation. Many great philosophers accorded with the idea of soul but profoundly failed to give an explicit explanation for it. But the idea of the soul seems to be fascinating to many sublime thinkers, in fact almost every religion in this earth completely agree with the existence of the soul.

But why is that? There is not even an single proof to aid this belief but still from the inception of the culture the idea of soul existed and this idea is planted even more strongly to the next generations, finally soul has become an undefined and unproved truth which everybody savors and agrees from the bottom of their heart. The concept of soul leads to many more imaginative entities like heaven, hell and reincarnation etc and those leads to many other but it is clear that soul is the center for all the pious beliefs. Why is all this surrounded on a single belief which is never even proved nor defined? there are several reasons for that, to understand them we have to apprehend completely what actually soul is or should i say what majority believe what the nature of soul is. The soul is more like a driver of a car, consider the car as our body and the driver as invisible.

Does the car need the driver that badly? the answer is yes, like the car our physical body is a complicated machine more sophisticated than any other in the known world, but nonetheless it is a machine. If we program a machine then it will follow those instructions flawlessly, it will never think twice why it is doing that, in fact it will never think at all, it will be deprived of all the glorious treasures of the men like conscience, imagination, empathy, stupidity, creativity everything, but if we are just the physical body made of earthly elements like oxygen, carbon, hydrogen etc then those shouldn’t exist in the first place. May be this is the main reason which drives everyone towards the concept of soul, or may be the digesting the fact that death as the END for everything is too hard. Creating a name for something we don’t completely contemplated is not so absurd because that is the very thing that science has been doing lately, which is creating a fancy scientific name for anything that is cannot be explained by it, but science is too obscure to truths and adamantly arrogant to accept its own faults, but whatever it is one thing is for sure that “naming” things was not equal to explaining them.

We can understand this concept more explicitly with the help of the words of great monk and philosopher Swami Vivekananda

“Here I stand and if I shut my eyes, and try to conceive my existence, “I”, “I”, “I”, what is the idea before me? The idea of a body. Am I, then, nothing but a combination of material substances? The Vedas declare, “No”. I am a spirit living in a body. I am not the body. The body will die, but I shall not die. Here am I in this body; it will fall, but I shall go on living. I had also a past. The soul was not created, for creation means a combination which means a certain future dissolution. If then the soul was created, it must die.”

“Are not all the tendencies of the mind and the body accounted for by inherited aptitude? Here are two parallel lines of existence — one of the mind, the other of matter. If matter and its transformations answer for all that we have, there is no necessity for supposing the existence of a soul. But it cannot be proved that thought has been evolved out of matter, and if a philosophical monism is inevitable, spiritual monism is certainly logical and no less desirable than a materialistic monism; but neither of these is necessary here.

We cannot deny that bodies acquire certain tendencies from heredity, but those tendencies only mean the physical configuration, through which a peculiar mind alone can act in a peculiar way. There are other tendencies peculiar to a soul caused by its past actions. And a soul with a certain tendency would by the laws of affinity take birth in a body which is the fittest instrument for the display of that tendency. This is in accord with science, for science wants to explain everything by habit, and habit is got through repetitions. So repetitions are necessary to explain the natural habits of a new-born soul. And since they were not obtained in this present life, they must have come down from past lives.”  – Swami Vivekananda

The words delivered by the Vivekananda at Chicago showed us a different approach and acted as a strong prop for the existence of soul. Even present day sophisticated scientific approaches can’t even answer the questions posed above.

What cannot be proved can neither be false not true, but what millions of believed and believing can not be absolutely false there should be some flake of truth in those belief’s, assuming that those believers are not completely maniacs.