Once upon a time there lived a tree, which is as old as the creation. He stands eminently on the bank of the river. There is not even a single tree as tall as him to challenge his undeniable dominance. His enormous branches covers the earth like mountain on the lord’s finger. He lived his entire life watching the small river flowing merrily by its side towards horizon where the earth meets the sky. He never got bored by the occasional greetings of the cool breeze and always returned his gratitude by swaying the leaves. The day and night is always the same for the tree and the seasons pass through him without getting his attention, time is always static, at least until one day.

That day a small bird with light brown feathers visited the tree rapidly flapping its tiny wings. It rested on its branch. The tree carefully observed the bird. The bird started to scrutinize the tree like its measuring its worth or mettle. It started to fly around the tree examining each and every branch of it. The tree started to feel shy and a little tense. After several minutes of scrutiny the little bird flew away.
The next day the bird returned with the light of the dawn at its back, it is laboriously carrying some sticks on its beak. The tree is observing the bird with a mysterious interest. The bird placed the sticks on the inner branch which is completely covered with leaves and almost invisible to the outer world. The tree was quite baffled with what it was doing. The same ritual continued for days, slowly the pile of sticks started to get a shape. The bird is piling them and was meticulously sewing them with tiny threads, he was amazed by the skill of the bird. After a long while with a substantial amount of labor it was completed and there is an oval shaped nest hanging on the branch. But still the bird doesn’t seems to be satisfied, it started to bring some threads and colorful flowers to decorate its home.
He never seen such a beautiful thing in his life, the nest was exquisitely garnished with utmost care and precision. From that day it became the home for that bird and for the tree that particular day opened a new door to a whole new world. Every day started with the pleasant music of the bird. The tree enjoyed the music and swayed its leaves according to it. The bird spent most of its time revolving around the tree exploring each and every branch of it, the tree got intrigued by its serious endeavors. Of all the fascinating things of the bird the tree got allured by the way it soared, it fly around the tree merrily, swirling expertly around in the air like it was a part of it. Sometimes it bought its friends to the nest and is very proud when they showed amazement for its nest.
Time seemed to flow very quickly for the tree, the bird has become a part of its life, may be the best part of his life. When the bird is near, he spent time watching it, and when it’s far away from him he uses the time to reminisce the wonderful moments it spent watching the bird. Life became soo beautifully normal for the tree and it seemed to enjoy it profoundly.
Softly the rainy season started to subjugate the climate and the smell of wet mud starting to fill the air. The dark clouds made sky their permanent home. The rains grew violent day by day, the next rain is always fiercer than the previous. The tree sensed that the bird seldom came outside from its nest and comes only for the food. It’s been a long time since the tree heard the bird’s sweet voice. The nights became worse with the aggressive winds that accompanying the rain, these are hard times for little creatures like the bird, he began to worry about it.
But he is now experiencing the strange comfort of the silence of the loved ones. But he doesn’t know that their absence can be worse than any hell. One night is all that took to teach that to the tree. The night cannot be any worse, the sky unraveled its wraith with monstrous roars on the pitiful earth, no creature dared to come from their burrows and nests. The tree got fret about the bird and its safety for it had not returned to the home yet. The night deteriorating constantly and the cold winds destroying everything in its path. The tree never got scared in its life but this day that unwelcomed stranger visited him slowly.
The next day started with the soft sound from the wings of the bird. The tree was anxious and apprehensive to show its face to the bird. He failed, he terribly failed the bird, and there is nothing in this world that can offer redemption for him. He failed the trust of the bird which had kept on him, how can he face the bird now? The bird returned to the tree only to find the empty space that once its home located. It landed on branch and hooped its way towards the void and scrutinized it for a while. It rotated around the tree for a long time and returned the way it came and never turned back.
The tree waited for the bird to return with the sticks to rebuild a new home like it did before but only the empty wandering breeze greeted him. The days passed by lazily without the beautiful songs of the bird and the sweet noises it made with its friends.
Every day the tree watches the early sunrise while its golden rays falling on him, deep in the heart he hoped every day that the bird would return but it never did, not yet. The tree never will give up of the waiting because he knows that after every rainy season there will be a summer. He will hopefully and blissfully wait for the summer because for he now has a reason to live.