Just now completed the book, cant suppress the desire to write my opinion on this.

Story: A fifteen year old Christopher has an IQ of the size of an African bush elephant, he loves dogs more than humans, there is nothing he can’t understand in maths and science but human expressions and their sarcastic,playful words are always an enigmatic puzzle which he can never solve.One day he came to saw a dead body of his neighbors dog, i makes him sad, not only that wellington(dog) is dead but also the fact that killer is on the he decides to catch the killer, crafting himself as a detective.

Writing style: The first person narration makes it very interesting and simple to comprehend even for the children. The usage of fancy and dictionary words are very rare.It can be considered as a simple read.

Overview: The author makes us to travel into the mind of a true genius, we will see the way he thinks , his perspective towards the world are equally fascinating and horrifying. But this book was never deprived of exquisite human emotions, we can feel the unconditional love of parents (even though our protagonist can’t) and friendship. We can’t say that this literature is beautiful but it is audacious. The author never showed any reluctance to expose his view on the unintelligent side of the human mind, he directly criticized many traits of humans as lazy and foolishness(which may be true).

Final verdict: This is one of the best children book in the market, but it can entertain teens altogether. This book makes us love maths (its not a joke), there is also one difficult maths problem at the end of the book. This is definitely a simply read which can be completed with one sitting but demands to read it again.