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The Kite Runner-Book review — June 30, 2015

The Kite Runner-Book review


I would never forget the second hand book store at the end of the busy street which always seems like it never had any customers to buy books rather than to sell, because it gave me one of the best literature in this earth. There are billions of books in the past and will have trillions in the future but “The Kite Runner” will have its lofty place among them.

This 371 pages book written by Khaled Hosseini is a fiction book which concentrates on the relation between two friends, Amir who is the son of wealthy businessman and Hassan who is the son of his fathers servant, this book depicts the human emotions with rare delicacy and with sublime writing that demands to be felt profoundly.

Afghanistan breathes alive in this book, we can see it through the eyes of our protagonist Amir. We will be left with a feeling that comes with a long enlightening journey. My favorite character “Baba” with  his righteous decisions ,dauntless and audacious behavior actions will make an acute impression on us.

Finally i would recommend everyone who likes some strong mature characters with bold writing and heart wrenching story line.

Hello world! —

Hello world!

Never knew that writing could be this fun, expressing ourselves through words is one of the sublime experience. we want to share every tiny thing with the world, isn’t it the key to the sophistication of the humankind? sharing ones ideas and wisdom with the others, and working unitedly to reach…..the state where there is nothing to learn anymore. Don’t know that even the so called “state” exists or not but if something has a start then there should be an end for it, the quest of our knowledge should end before our extinction.