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THE GRAND PUPPET SHOW — August 28, 2016


We all live in a world which is swarmed with puppets and constantly playing The puppet show. This puppet show is as enormous as the world and as old as the civilization. We all have our parts to play in it and most of them is playing it right, just as they are expected. So who are the puppeteers? We will talk about that later, lets know more about these puppets and their life. The real life puppets comes in diverse kinds, like a sincere student who wants to get good marks, like a father who needs to earn money enough for his family, an earnest employee who works all the day waiting for a promotion, and  many more. Wait, isnt all these people are our everyday perfectly normal citizens, which covers the majority part of the human world? The answer is YES. This world is swarmed with puppets that those who are not the puppets are considered strange.

These puppets do things that they are supposed to do. There is a certain specific dance for every puppet decided by the puppeteers who run the show. These puppets may think that what they are doing is for themselves, but the sad truth is they’re not. From the moment they are born in this world, the invisible strings slowly gets tied on their back, and gets hold of the puppet making them more puppet and less human. These invisible strings are uncomfortable at first and some puppets may even try to get rid of them, and if they didn’t eventually the puppets gets used to it and gets comfortabale to it like we gets confortable of an irritating sound after somtime. Its what we call adaptability. These puppets go to school, following with college, job, marriage, children, retirement and death. They don’t have a choice in these things, actually they don’t have a choice at all. They cant afford to get out this queue. If they do they would be treated odd. One may ask whats wrong in this life style? They are getting what they want, and by the time they die they would’ve seen everything and die without regrets. But this is what every puppet keeps telling to itself. That how a puppet can survive in this grand PUPPET SHOW.

The life of a puppet is so simple, we can almost predict its future. We need not be a fortune teller for that, we just need to know the history. Because that’s what always gets repeated, these puppets are just a copy of its predessors. The puppeteers defines what is right or wrong, what should be done and how it should be done. The puppets should follow them, and few puppets who occasionally question is considered as rude and ostracized. Just like the exams we write every now and then. That question paper from a bigger puppet measures the mettle of the smaller puppets and removes the fautly piece from the row. The mechanism in the factories where faulty manufactured pieces where thrown out has a closer similarity to it. The ostracized puppets thinks what the puppeteers wants it to think, that its useless, that is inferior to other puppets and try hard next time to be EXACTLY like the other puppets. Nothing more and nothing less. It dares not question why,  because it’s a puppet and its not expected to be question. A good and disciplined puppet one would say.

There can be numerous examples of this grand conspicuous puppet show. The father puppet works everyday to earn money that feeds its family, we would say that it’s a responsible one. It will never know why it started a family and why it is responsible to feed it. or a hard worker in the office who works hard to get paid, never realizing why they are doing and for what purpose expect to fill the pockets of his officers. Isnt this what the puppets do? Never asking questions of how its moved and danced, it will just do as it is expected, like a good puppet to its puppeteer. The puppeteer cant expect better puppets.

So coming to our first question, who are these puppeteers? Actually we hear them , and see them everyday in our daily lifes. Some call them politicians, some call them leaders, administrators, managers, many of the so called eminent personalities. They play the puppets with the strings in their hands. Some play it exquisitely that sometimes we forgot that its just a puppet show, and some play it bad enough for us to realize that. Whatever it is, the truth remains that its just a puppet show. So where these puppeteers come from? And why are they different from puppets. This is the most interesting part in the grand puppet show of this world. These puppeteers are actually puppets too and just like other puppets they don’t know that.

Who are the puppeteers which plays these puppets? These puppeteers actually live within its puppets. Unlike the previous puppeteers these cannot be seen and heared. They are so stealty that no one will have a slightest suspicion of their existence. But we know them and actually feel them if we are not so obliquent to ourselves. They are called ego, hatred, anger, sadness, happiness etc. This is the GRAND PUPPET show that can never be missed, one have to see and enjoy.