Writing a diary has so many advantages, and one of them we got some explicit information about the World War 2 times from the diary of Anne frank and that’s a total different thing. By reading this post you will know the consequences that reflect to you by writing a diary daily.

1.Power of Expressing

You have a lot in you, buried under the deep ocean of your conscious waiting to see the light of the world, but your knowledge and experience about language was not enough and bottlenecks your overall communication with the exterior world.are

By writing a diary you will have a lot pf practice to express yourself, your every emotions like ecstasy, agony and your ideas everything you are accumulated deeply in yourself will come out in the form of words. Just as the protagonist says in the movie EX-machina that the humans knows the language in them from the birth but they have to learn to how how to express them by placing the correct words in an apt manner.

Isn’t all the conflicts in the world starts from the point where we fail to express ourselves effectively?


Many people these days forget most of the things, things which are trivial like brushing his teeth and some important things like picking his girlfriend from her house, that may become dangerous sometimes.

Writing a diary demands you to reminisce everything in a day and that increases your memory drastically, your brain goes into some intense pressure while memorizing less important daily activities and from then on it makes sure to remember every tiny detail according to the Charles darwin’s Evolutionary theory.

3.You will get a friend

Yes, the diary will be your best friend, you will every beautiful and horrible experiences of your life. So whenever you feel lonely and wants to share your feelings it will be there ready to listen everything you say.

4.You knows your wrongs

Today you did the wrong thing, you too know that but the enormous wall of your ego stops you from agreeing to that. You protest everything and everyone that is opposite to you continuously without any self conscious in yourself and after sometime you will believe that you are right and that you did the right thing.

Many of us don’t have the courage to accept his/her mistakes, they don’t even like to think about it because it damages their ego, but when its time to include that in your diary you will have no choice than to think about it and clouds of remorse and regret covers you which leads to redemption and self realization which you will never repeat it again.

5. You will develop your language

Obviously your language will get better. The more you write the more you learn.